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What is it

A standalone server that is both an X server and a Spice server. Iow, you get a new DISPLAY to launch X clients against, and you can view and interact with them via a spice client.


Released, now part of xf86-video-qxl. Download from here

Known Problems

This page is not up to date. Bugs for Xspice are reported against the xorg-x11-drv-qxl component due to technically the Xspice server being part of the xf86-video-qxl driver tarball, and should all have Xspice in the title

Xspice bugzilla search

--tls-port 0 required

(fixed in 0.0.17) If you don't set tls-port you get a cryptic "./ca-cert.pem not found". Fixed upstream. Workaround: pass --tls-port 0.

Lock when last X client leaves

Bug in handling server reset. Not yet fixed. Workaround: run with xspice "-noreset" flag (it is passed to Xorg and does just what it says - no reset when last client leaves. Meaning you have to explicitly kill the Xorg, by Ctrl-C or a signal).

capslock and numlock turn off (is this still happening?)

(haven't seen this lately) * capslock and numlock leds get turned off after some timeout - so their state is not related to the real state (i.e. the one in the xserver).

Performance sucks (relatively speaking)

  • takes way too much memory (256MB)
  • some stuff is just too damn slow - like lines and circles in gtkperf (and hence in anything else) (this is actually the same in a vm - it's a problem of the driver / device / architecture)
    • a problem with the regular qxl driver as well.
  • cursor is only server side (i.e. cursor channel not really used? not sure)

Missing Features

  • no vdagent support - this should actually be easy.
    • partially because we use an emulated pointer input device, doesn't fit with current vdagentd/vdagent code.
      • Updated plan by Hans for this (TODO add link to mailing list)

XKB: Failed to compile keymap

XKB: Failed to compile keymap Keyboard initialization failed. This could be a missing or incorrect setup of xkeyboard-config.

  • happens only if path to xkbcomp is wrong?