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N900, Nokia's phone, can run spice client. The required patches are mostly upstream, except for a two patchs:

  • marshal generator update (void**) that is on spice-devel archives (july 2010).
  • disabling atomic ops (very ugly, but no idea how to provide atomic increment/decrement for the n900 arch, on x86 it's handled by gcc builtins).


  • release 0 - works for me. Here: spicec_n900-0.tar.gz
    • keyboard modifiers don't work (so you can't do backslash for instance)
    • full screen works, but no way to get out of it except killing spicec or running another spicec (which causes the existing one to exit gracefully). (need to make spicec ignore the magic window manager combo).
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A Nokia N900 running spice client!