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Spice Reference Manual

This describes the various features provided by SPICE, and how to make use of them when using QEMU/libvirt/virt-manager.

spice-gtk API documentation

This describes spice-gtk C API.

Important: The pdf docs were written for spice 0.4 and is thus not wholly up to date.

Spice For Newbies

Contains basic information about Spice's architecture, components, and features - spice_for_newbies.pdf

Spice User Manual

Includes all of the information you need to use Spice, such as downloading, building, installing, and executing - spice_user_manual.pdf

SPICE Protocol

Outlines the complete definition of the SPICE remote computing protocol - spice_protocol.pdf
Outlines the complete definition of the SPICE client <-> agent protocol - AgentProtocol wiki page

VD Interfaces

Includes the VD Interface specifications - vd_interfaces.pdf

Spice style

Defines Spice project's coding style and coding conventions - spice_style.pdf

Red Hat Summit 2009

Spice session presentation at Red Hat Summit 2009 - spice_redhat_summit_2009.odp, spice_redhat_summit_2009.pdf


Presentation UsbDk_at_a_Glance.pdf
Manual UsbDk_Software_Development_Manual.pdf


Copyright license templates that must be appended to newlyadded files - GPL.txt, LGPL.txt, Apache_2.0.txt and BSD_style.txt