Current Features

  • Video streaming - heuristically identifies video streams and transmits M-JPEG video streams
  • Image compression - offers various compression algorithm that were built specifically for Spice, including QUIC (based on SFALIC), LZ, GLZ (history-based global dictionary), and auto (heuristic compression choice per image)
  • Live migration - supports clients while migrating Spice servers to new hosts, thus avoiding interruptions
  • Windows drivers - Windows drivers for QXL display device and VDI-port
  • Multiple monitors with support for enabling selection of the screen used by the client (in virt-viewer/remote-viewer)
  • Two way audio - supports audio playback and captures; audio data stream is optionally compressed using CELT Encryption - using OpenSSL
  • Clipboard sharing and arbitrary resolutions - features provided by the Spice agent running on the guest
  • USB redirection - allows clients to use their USB devices with Spice servers
  • Encrypted communication
  • SASL authentication
  • Xspice - a standalone server that is both an X server and a Spice server
  • Web client - a simple javacript client
  • Smartcard - CAC smartcard redirection
  • Folder sharing - for sharing a client's folder with the remote guest