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Current Features

  • Graphic commands - processes and transmits 2D graphic commands
  • Video streaming - heuristically identifies video streams and transmits M-JPEG video streams
  • Image compression - offers verios compression algorithm that were built specifically for Spice, including QUIC (based on SFALIC), LZ, GLZ (history-based global dictionary), and auto (heuristic compression choice per image)
  • Hardware cursor - processes and transmits cursor-specific commands
  • Image, palette and cursor caching - manages client caches to reduce bandwidth requirements
  • Live migration - supports clients while migrating Spice servers to new hosts, thus avoiding interruptions
  • Windows drivers - Windows drivers for QXL display device and VDI-port
  • Multiple monitors 
  • Client for Linux and Window - can be easily ported to additional platform platforms. 
  • Two way audio - supports audio playback and captures; audio data stream is optionally compressed using CELT
  • Encryption - using OpenSSL
  • Two mouse modes - provides client (more user-friendly) and server (increased accuracy and fully synchronized) modes
  • Lip-sync - synchronizes video streams with audio clocks
  • Spice agent - running on the guest and performs tasks for the client
  • Clipboard sharing - allows copy paste between clients and the virtual machine

Future Features

  • Network tunneling (in progress) - using virtual network interface to enable sharing of network resources. Currently the focus is on printer sharing but is not limited to that.
  • Off-screen surfaces (in progress) - supports off-screen surfaces as infrastructure for future DirectDraw, video acceleration and 3D acceleration. GDI and X11 will also benefit from this feature. It will also lay foundation for multi-head support
  • USB sharing (in progress) - allows clients to share their USB devices with Spice servers
  • Direct Draw
  • Client GUI - Enables user-friendly configuration
  • Screen management - add support for enabling selection of the screen used by the client
  • Configuration file - enables persistent user and administrative settings
  • CD sharing - share your CD with Spice server
  • Video acceleration
  • 3D acceleration
  • Support Aero
  • Linux features parity
  • OSX client
  • Simultaneous clients connection