I. API Reference
Object Hierarchy
Session and Channels Objects, from spice-client-glib
Spice Session — handles connection details, and active channels
Spice Channel — the base channel class
Cursor Channel — update cursor shape and position
Display Channel — remote display area
Inputs Channel — control the server mouse and keyboard
Main Channel — the main Spice channel
Playback Channel — audio stream for playback
Record Channel — audio stream for recording
Smartcard Channel — smartcard authentication
USB Redirection Channel — usb redirection
Port Channel — private communication channel
WebDAV Channel — exports a directory
GTK Widget, from spice-client-gtk
Spice GTK Session — handles GTK connection details
Spice Display — a GTK display widget
Spice USB device selection widget — USB device selection widget
Application Support, from spice-client-glib
Spice Audio — a helper to play and to record audio channels
Spice Smartcard Manager — smartcard management
Spice USB Manager — USB device management
Utilities — version and debugging functions
Version Information — Spice-Gtk version checking
SpiceURI — URIs handling
File Transfer Task — Monitoring file transfers
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Index of deprecated symbols
Annotation Glossary